Nirodha - Third Noble Truth, Relieving from sorrow, suffering

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The third noble truth explains a condition which is free from sorrow, suffering. It is the Nibbhana (Nirvana), state of enlightenment attained by removing all desires, passions, and ignorance. We can't explain the Nibbhana because, it's nature cannot be expressed by any human language.

According to our sense, there is no any desire, lust, sorrow, suffering, ignorance, emotional bonds or origination again when, a person attained the Nibbhana.

The Nibbhana is not a result of relieving from desire. If it is a result of a cause, it should be impermanent, unstable. It is an absolute state. There is a way to understand the Nibbhana but, the Nibbhana is not a result of that way. For example, we can go to a top of a mountain along a road but, the mountain is not a result of the road.

Both of the nature of origin and the nature of destruction are in our five clinging aggregates. So, relieving from sorrow, suffering also should be inside us. There is no any external force which cause or destroy sorrow. The four noble truths too are inside us.

When a person attains the Nibbhana, he or she has no desire which is the force, energy cause existence. So, there is no any force or energy which causes cycle of transmigration any more. Then, there shouldn't be rebirth. Other religions express that their chief aim can be attained after death but, the Nibbhana can be attained during our life time.

The person who attain the Nibbhana, is healthy in mentally, happy, and have good qualities such as kindness. He or she has no the concept of "I". So, such a person will do his or her duty efficiently because, he or she will not be selfish any more. Mind of such a person is free of bad feelings. So, he or she can think efficiently. If we are trying to reach or reaching the Nibbhana in a proper way, our mental and physical efficiency will improve gradually.

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