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This is merely an effort to create a web site regarding Lord Buddha and Buddhism in a simplified manner.Buddhism is an essential concept in our life. One who is following Buddhism will gain a good, meaningful life.
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Lord Buddha


Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of the Sakya tribe of Nepal (At that time, It was in North India) who was the son of the king Suddhodhana and Queen Maha Maya was born, in approximately 566 BC. When he was 16 years old, he married with princess Yasodhara. 

He left the comforts of his palace at 29 years of his age to seek the meaning of the suffering he saw around him. He studied several theories under several teachers but, he couldn't find what he was seeking. After that, he did more difficult yoga training limiting his food and water intake. He found it was useless but, he didn't abandon his effort.

On the Wesak Full Moon Poya Day, he sat beneath an Asathu bodhi tree which was situated at the city 'Gaya', Bihar and thought; though I died here I would not stand again without understanding the truth. He started to meditate. With the rising of the morning star, Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, the enlightened one.

The lord Buddha wandered throughout the India, teaching the path or Dharma (Buddhism) he had realized in that moment. A large community or Sangha of monks developed around him drawn from every tribe and cast. He spread the Buddhism among several countries including our country, Sri Lanka.

At the age of eighty, he passed into Parinibbana (passed away) on the Wesak Full Moon Poya Day leaving the world.

Now, Buddhism exists as a religion in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Tibet, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, and some areas of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Russia. World Buddhist population is more than 500,000,000.

Gal Viharaya, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Influence of Buddhism...


"You should not insult other religions while respecting your own religion. You should respect some factors of other religions too. One who is doing this, helps to the development of own religion and helps other religions as well.

One who is insulting other religions while respecting own religion, destroys the development of own religion. Therefore, unity is important. All may listen other religions as well! "

12th cave note by Buddhist Empire, Ashoka in India

Thoughts of Lord Buddha


The lord Buddha is the only religious leader who said that he was a human being.

Lord Buddha has said that being a Buddha, the enlightened state is achieved only by a human being.

According to the Buddhism, human beings are noble. They are masters themselves. There is no any god or force controlling their destiny.

Lord Buddha once said "Don't accept something, only due to it is coming through generations or because it is routine. If you understand yourself, this is good and correct. Accept it. If you understand yourself, this is bad and incorrect. You shouldn't accept or do it. "

Buddhism for need of humans...


 The lord Buddha once said "If you compare the amounts of leaves in my hand with the amount of leaves in this jungle, it is similar to comparison of the entire amount I have told others in my life time with the amount I have understood becoming the Buddha. Why haven't I told you a large amount of what I understood? Because, it is not needed to achieve nibbhana" (a noble state, the enlightened state).
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